Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Excited Exhaustion

I can't believe I've made it through my first full week back to work after choosing to stay home with my children 10 years ago.  This was one of the best weeks and one of the worst weeks.  I had to cry a little when I realized that this would be the first year I missed taking my kids to school the first day.  However, that sadness is balanced by a wonderful staff at my new school.

 I have known for many years that the math blogotwittersphere was filled with fabulous people.  I had no idea that this fabulousness extended to math departments in general.  The math department at my school has been so welcoming, I feel very fortunate. Everyone has offered to help explain policies and procedures; everyday at least one teacher drops in to ask how my day is going and offer advice or gentle reminders; and I've felt nothing but acceptance and welcome at this school. Over the summer one of the other Algebra I teachers included my classes when she ordered her class copies of supplemental materials so I have not yet had to worry about getting anything printed.  (So thankful!!!) One take away that I have from this experience is that I hope I remember how nice it's been to have a friendly face stop by at the end of my day so I can process my day and ask for advice.   One day, I hope I can pay that forward for another new teacher. 

That said, my main goal for this week is to get all of my classes prepared for next week so that I know what printing needs to get sent to the print shop.  (Combining two prompts in one here.)  I realize that this is organizational skills 101, but, I wish I had realized how far in advance I would need to prepare my lessons in order to get printing back in time for my classes.  Sadly, during student teaching I used my home copier most of the time because I was preparing the night before class.  I don't want to get into that habit this year.  Hence why, I now need to get myself in the habit of planning a week ahead. Initially, I was hoping to be able to have my classes prepared before midnight the night before class, I now realize I'm going to have to be better organized than that.  I'm not yet sure how to make that happen, but setting the goal is my first step.

Here's to looking forward to week two, and hoping for a bit more sleep this week.


  1. After teaching 20 years, I'm right there with ya, sista! I still struggle with the organizational stuff at the beginning of the year. I will tell you that it does get better and easier, but it takes time to get there. It's usually about 3-4 weeks until I'm in my organizational groove. Good luck!

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